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This is my mostly-friends-only fic journal which contains mostly Arthurian slash with a sprinkling of other things thrown in for variety. There is no shiny picture yet. Perhaps one day I shall find one.

Anyway, leave a comment telling me how you found this journal/my fic and friend me and I'll friend you back.

That is all.
Given LJ's latest batch of fail, I've decided that I'm no longer a devotee of LJ. So if anyone's planning on moving to InsaneJournal, I'll be posting there as well as here, same username. My fic will be making the transition shortly -- within 48 hours.

Favorite thing about IJ so far: 100 icons for free.

Which leads me to my request. I have 3 different versions of one icon. I'm not sure which one I like best, so I'm curious about what others have to say.

The icons can be found here at the bottom of the page because IJ won't let me hotlink, or I'm failing at code.

Any thoughts, random or otherwise, would be appreciated.

Edited: Profile for my IJ is here.