The Girl with the Lime

As long as you're not just doing it to get the lime back

About the Lime
25 April 1985
United States
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Miskatonic University - Arkham MA (2004 present)
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acapella, archaic words, arthur slash, arthur/gawain, arthur/kai, atheism, bad puns, books, caesar/octavian, capa/mace, cats, cheese, chocolate, civil liberties, coffee, college, comics, crowley/aziraphale, cthulhu, david eddings, david eddings slash, eddings slash, elder gods, elenium, elenium slash, etymologies, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, french, friday five, gawain slash, gawain/kai, gawain/lancelot, good omens, h p lovecraft, history, jupiter/ganymede, kai/bedivere, kai/gawain, king arthur, king arthur slash, lancelot/gawain, latin, laudine/lunette, limes, lovecraft, mace/capa, mapa, martel, martel/sparhawk, medieval history, medieval literature, medieval studies, neil gaiman, obscure words, quotations, roller coasters, sandman, sarcasm, semantics, shoggoths, slash, sparhawk/kurik, sparhawk/martel, sparhawk/vanion, sunshine, sunshine slash, talking, tamuli slash, thalesia, the authority, the elenium, the redemption of athalus, the tamuli, travel, ulath/tynian, word origins
I pop back and forth between home and college, so it's difficult to say where I am at any given moment. I live off of chocolate and reading material. Medieval literature and history fascinate me, especially Arthurian literature (though that's not necessarily strictly Medieval). I love learning and I'm willing to at least learn a little bit about anything.

The user name is a reference to something in Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys.